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Drifblim - 12/90 - Rare

Drifblim - 12/90 - Rare

M/NM, limit 24
$0.12  / $0.13  credit
  • Details
    Attack #2: CCC Take Away Shuffle Drifblim and all cards attached to it back into your deck. Then, your opponent shuffles the Defending Pokemon and all cards attached to it into his or her deck. (You choose your new Active Pokemon first.)
    Attack #1: PC Balloon Tackle (60) Drifblim does 20 damage to itself.
    Stage: Stage 1
    Illustrator: Kagemaru Himeno
    HP: 90
    Card Number: 12/90
    Weakness: Dx20
    Set: HS-Undaunted
    Rarity: Rare
    Card Type: Psychic
    Resistance: C-20
    Name: Drifblim
    Finish: Regular
    Edition: 1st, Unlimited
    Manufacturer: The Pokemon Company