Frequently Asked Questions

Do you have a retail store? What are your hours?

Yes! Please visit our Store Location page for location information and up to date store hours.

Why do you charge for same day pick-up on singles?

If you purchase singles either in-store or on the same day you plan to drop by our store to pick the singles up, we do charge a rush fee for pulling the singles. This is because both in-store pick-ups and online orders are all pulled from our inventory as part of the same process starting in the morning and continuing throughout the day. The most economical way for us to do this involves pulling singles in order of set, so when a singles order needs to be pulled on the same day, this process gets interrupted. We assess a small rush fee of $0.75 for each order containing singles that does this to make up for this delay.

Do you accept checks or money orders?

Unfortunately we do not, sorry! We apologize for any inconvenience.

Do you operate as Magic Universe in addition to Untapped Games?

Yes, when the company started under the banner of "Magic Universe," we primarily sold Magic: the Gathering products. With the advent of our retail store location and the expansion of our product line-up, we felt that "Magic Universe" no longer captured the breadth of our growing company. While we still operate on eBay under the name m-universe, we felt that Untapped Games both acknowledged our roots as a Magic: the Gathering seller, and also captured the spirit of our endeavor: a small, gamer-driven company with limitless potential.

How do you grade your cards?

Check out our Card Grading Guide for details.

I want to buy a card lot. Can you put X and Y into it for me?

Currently, we don't customize our lots, and we don't have plans for doing so in the future. All of our lots are essentially random assortments that should satisfy all the specifications listed in their item descriptions. With our singles inventory, however, you can build your own custom deck with the cards we have in stock. Check back often, our singles inventory is growing all the time!

There's a problem with my order. Can I get this fixed?

Absolutely. Whether you're encountering a problem with the site, or you got your order in the mail and something's not right, get in touch with our customer service and explain the problem. If it was our fault, we'll fix it. E-mail us at

I ordered a card lot and the picture on the site showed X. Why isn't that in my lot?

All of our lots are random assortments, so the actual contents of each lot vary. While this is great in the sense that you can keep coming back and get different cards each time, it also means that there is no one picture we could take that shows any definite cards that will appear in a given lot. All of the photos should therefore be understood as stock photos that show possibilities rather than guarantees.

My item is shipping outside of the US. Can you mark my order as a gift so that I can avoid taxes and customs fees?

This is against the law, so the simple answer is no. VAT and custom dues are the buyer's responsibility. If you do not know the rules pertaining to your jurisdiction's international customs please contact your local postal authority. We ship to many countries with many different rules, so it is up to the buyer to understand how international packages are treated when being delivered to their country.

My pre-order disappeared! What happened?

If you pre-order an item without completing payment in checkout, your order will eventually be voided by our system. To properly reserve an item for pre-order, be sure to complete payment promptly. If you have a problem with a pre-order, please e-mail us at