Card Grading Guide

Whenever you buy a card from us, the card's listing will have one or more condition categories, based on what we have in stock.  Let this handy guide serve as a reference for you while looking through our selection.  Under each category is an explanation, in broad terms, of what to expect from the card.  While the exact condition of each card is different, we try to stick as closely to the following guidelines as possible while grading them.


Mint to Near Mint (M/NM)

These cards have little to no visible flaws.  Usually, these cards are fresh from the pack or extremely well preserved.  Upon close inspection some of these cards might have a flaw such as a light scratch or nearly unnoticable nick.


Lightly Played (LP)

Examining these cards will reveal some minor imperfections that aren't too apparent.  Without inspecting the card closely it may appear to be in M/NM condition especially when in a card sleeve.


Moderately Played (MP)

These cards have been used, and they show it.  A played card is playable, but may require a solid backed sleeve to use. The card may have moderate whitening or nicks around the edges, corners, and the back face or front face of the card.


Heavily Played (HP)

A heavily played card has seen a lot of love.  There is anything from heavy whitening to tears to creases. There are also likely scratches and dings. The worst case would be a tear. Most of these cards are probably not playable, but they can be collected. In general, Untapped Games won't bother listing the worst of these cards such as ones with tears.

People's perspectives on card condition can vary.  We do our best to be objective, but what some would call "a light scratch," others won't even notice, and conversely, what is "minor scuffing" to some might be heavily damaged to others.  We unfortunately don't have the resources to post pictures of every card in our inventory, but if you have any questions regarding general card conditions, please contact us at