Untapped Games is currently open to both walk-in customers and curbside pickup.

Customers who browse for product in store are urged to wear masks and observe proper distancing procedures around other customers. We currently have a maximum customer capacity, so please call from the front door to be waved in. For the fastest, safest in-store experience, browse through the site and choose in-store pickup under Shipping Options; we'll get your order prepared for you and give you a notifying email saying it's been "Shipped" as soon as it's ready.

For maximum safety, the procedure for curbside pickup is as follows:

  1. Make your purchase online, choosing the curbside pickup option in shipping.
  2. Drive to Untapped during one of the pickup windows.
  3. Without leaving your vehicle, call us at 401-368-1619 to let us know you're in the parking lot.
  4. When our attendee comes out, pop the back of your vehicle. We'll place your order inside so you can be on your way!
Untapped Games is committed to customer, employee, and community safety, so we'll be observing proper distancing procedures, using face masks, gloves, heightened cleaning protocols, etc. We ask that if you are exhibiting symptoms, please stay home and avail yourself of free shipping through our site's shipping options.
Thank you and STAY SAFE!