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March of the Machine Prerelease Pack

March of the Machine Prerelease Pack

Brand New, 80 in stock
  • Description

    You can participate in our March of the Machine Prerelease from the comfort of your own home!

    The At-Home Prerelease is simple: either log in through the Magic Companion App and click the Join button (lobby code: Z658N3Q) to be entered into the event lobby OR put a Wizards Account email for each At-Home kit in your cart in the comments section in checkout and we'll add you manually.

    By purchasing this kit either through our website or at our storefront before the end of March of the Machine Prerelease period on April 20, you will recieve two free March of the Machine set boosters along with your Prerelease Pack for participating in our Sealed At-Home Prerelease!

    Logging in with a Wizards Account either through the app or through us adds to our Wizards play metrics for Magic events, and helps ensure that we can continue to provide kits and prizes in the future!

    Magic Companion App link: [Android] [iPhone]

    Wizards Account Log-in/Sign-up: https://myaccounts.wizards.com