Cards are heavy! Using Flat Rate Priority Boxes saves you money!




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To sell your cards, follow these simple steps:

  1. Create a list of cards to sell

    Browse our buylist using the categories to the left, or use the search above for specific cards. On each item, enter the amount you wish to sell us, then click the 'Sell' button to add them to your list. When you are done, click the 'Buylist' button in the top right corner of the site. Follow the simple checkout to send your list to us.

    All cards must be in English. Prices on the buylist are for cards in Near Mint/Mint condition. Cards received in a lesser condition as judged by us will be paid a reduced amount depending on its condition on arrival. Cards that are stamped, written on, or signed are not accepted. For Yu-Gi-Oh cards, if the word Unlimited is not in the title of the card, we are only buying 1st edition copies! For Pokemon cards, we distinguish between regular holo and reverse holos in the title.

    Before sending out your buylist, make sure the list totals to at least $5. Buy orders of less that $5 will not be approved.

  2. Wait for us to approve your list, then arrange them for selling

    After checking your list, we will send you an approval e-mail within one or two business days. Pay attention to this e-mail in case we have made any changes to prices or quantities. If everything looks good to you, please arrange them in the order they are in the approval e-mail or a 10% sorting fee will apply (if you are sending bulk, just make sure each rarity/card type is separated appropriately).

  3. Mail or bring in your cards

    Mail your order promptly, as cards that arrive more than 7 business days after your approval e-mail was sent will be subject to price changes based on our inventory and current prices. We highly recommend sending cards in a rigid container or sandwiched between two pieces of board to protect them from bending during shipping. For large orders, we recommend mailing using flat rate boxes.

    When using USPS for mailing cards to us, use our mailing address, provided in our emails:
    Untapped Games
    PO Box 6665
    Providence, RI 02940
    When using UPS or FedEx, please use the following address instead:
    Untapped Games
    545 Pawtucket Ave
    Suite #A205
    Pawtucket, RI 02860
    If you live nearby, you can also drop off your cards at:
    Untapped Games
    545 Pawtucket Ave
    Suite #A205
    Pawtucket, RI 02860

    It could take some time for your drop off order to process, so be prepared for a wait if you plan to pick up payment same day. You can drop off your buy order with the intent of picking up payment at a later date or having it mailed to you. For the purpose of avoiding a long wait, the best time to bring in a buy order is on Mondays before 5pm, and the longest wait times will occur on the weekend and weekdays after 5pm. We recommend scheduling appropriately and making sure your buy order is in correct order before showing up!

  4. Get paid!

    When using tracking, please note that packages that arrive on the weekend will not be checked in until Monday due to our employee hours, and shipments to our PO Box will not be checked in until Tuesday. You will be paid according to the payment option you select during checkout, so be sure to double check payment before submitting! Payments by mailed check have a $3.00 Processing Fee! Payments by Paypal may charge a seller transaction fee to your account. To avoid these fees, please select to be paid by Store Credit, where you will receive 10% more!