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Warcry: Sentinels of Order (English)

Warcry: Sentinels of Order (English)

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  • Description
    Chaos corrupts all, but it does not go unopposed. The forces of Order fight to reclaim what’s been taken, including the Allpoints, as the lands of the Varanspire were once known. Small forces are even now testing the defences of their infernal foes, infiltrating those blasted lands through stealth and guile. Every champion of the Ruinous Powers slain is a victory to be celebrated, every ancient relic liberated a gift for civilisation. Now it’s up to you – resist and reclaim
  • Details
    Format: Book (SB)
    GW Barcode: 9781839060236
    Part Code: 60040299098
    Short Code: 111-39