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Aggron - 59/101 - Rare

Aggron - 59/101 - Rare

M/NM, limit 20
$0.11  / $0.12  credit
  • Details
    Attack #2: MMCC Aura of the Land (80)
    Does 20 damage to each Benched Pokémon (both yours and your opponent's). (Don't apply Weakness and Resistance for Benched Pokémon.)
    Attack #1: MC Knock Back (50)
    Your opponent switches the Defending Pokémon with 1 of his or her Benched Pokémon.
    Stage: Stage 2
    Illustrator: Kouki Saitou
    HP: 140
    Card Number: 59
    Weakness: Rx2
    Set: Plasma Blast
    Retreat Cost: CCCC
    Rarity: Rare
    Card Type: Metal
    Resistance: P-20
    Name: Aggron
    Finish: Regular