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Bulk MTG 1000 Commons/Uncommons (No Token/Tip/Basic Land) (READ DESCRIPTION or GET $0.00)

Near Mint, English, limit 236
$4.00  / $4.40  credit
  • Description

    READ CAREFULLY: This item has certain conditions to buy list to us. This item must be 1000 regular commons/uncommons. It CANNOT have tokens, basic lands, tip cards, advertisements, punch out cards, or emblems. As with any bulk on our buy list it must be all ENGLISH cards. If this item does not meet these terms and is mailed in, you will be paid $0.00 for this item and it will NOT be mailed back. If this item does not meet these terms and is dropped off you will be paid $0.00 for this item. It may or MAY NOT be available for you to pick up. Obviously, we permit slight leniancy if a basic land slips into 10,000 cards or something. The purpose of these rules is that we do not allocate employee time to filtering out these cards. If you wish to take that time we will happily purchase this item from you.