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Dominaria Prerelease Booster Box With Promo

Cannot be sold internationally.
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    This item is for in store pick-up only. It must be paid for fully at checkout. Unpaid orders with it will be cancelled. 

    For Dominaria, you can pre-order a booster box to pick up at one of our Prerelease weekend events (April 21-22) and receive a special Standard-and-Commander-legal rare not found in booster packs. Note that these booster boxes are only available to customers who plan to come to one of our Prerelease events. This offer is only available for Prerelease weekend. If you pre-order and pay and fail to pick up for Prerelease weekend, we will hold your card and your promo, but you must wait for the actual day of release, April 27, to come pick it up. This offer is limit 2 per customer. We will remove this limit after our last Prerelease event on Sunday, April 22 if any boxes remain.