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700 MTG Tokens


If your order totals $5 or more, select the SAVER SHIPPING option during step 3 of checkout to get FREE U.S. Shipping on your order. If the items in your order weigh less than 16 ounces, they will go by USPS First Class Mail. If the order is 16 ounces or more, the order will go by USPS Priority Mail or UPS Ground, at our discretion.


This lot will include a selection of 700 random tokens and possibly equivalent cards such as emblems, poison counters, check lists, and etc from Magic: The Gathering boosters starting with 10th edition. There will be no tip cards! At least 90% of the cards will be in near mint/mint condition. The vast majority are most likely new straight from the pack, but some may not be. There will be a good variety of different sets and token types. Due to the size of the lot you will most likely receive several copies of many different cards.


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700 MTG Tokens
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